With such huge success for the DS and DS lite consoles it was no wonder that the R4 DS did so well worldwide, considered by many as the ultimate accessory for the Nintendo DS and DS lite consoles, the R4 sold to thousands if not millions of people worldwide. The main reason for the success of the R4 DS was its ability to allow you to play your own homebrew games as well as those which you had downloaded from the internet, this was also coupled with the ability to playback movies, photos, music and even eBooks, something which people has even imagined was possible with the DS consoles.

With the release of the Nintendo DSi console, the gaming community longed for a successful replacement to the R4 DS and the R4i was the answer, with the ability to support the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL console, sales of the R4i went through the rough. The R4i DS Card team brought out constant new updates to keep up with the newest firmware from Nintendo. As a second generation slot card and the successor to the R4 DS , the R4i has many new improvements, these included the improved user interface and the ability to support new DSI homebrew games and ROMs. Also game lag was completely wiped out, although that wasn’t a problem with the R4DS it did affect cheaper and inferior alternatives.

The R4i was also developed to use less power and also to support the latest SDHC memory cards, offering the capacity to store up to 32GB of data on the Micro SD or SDHC memory card. RTS or real time save as it is also known allows the user to save their progress in the game so they can go back and continue from that point, no longer will you need to worry about losing game progress.

These new advanced features have made the R4i Card one of the best selling accessories for the Nintendo DSi console and have transformed it from being a simple slot 1 gaming device into a wonderful multimedia device which has changed how millions use their DSi consoles.