If you’re using routers, you might come across newer ones which have support for the 5GHz frequency band. What does this mean to the layman?

This basically means that you can use a much more improved WiFI stream than 2.4GHz. Furthermore, not a lot of people has a router that can support the new medium and so that there is little signal interference when you are using it.

Gamers basically want this new 5GHz WiFi band because it is much faster and the stability is way better than the current standard 2.4GHz.

With that being said, a new rumor has surfaced about Playstation’s upcoming game console. Apparently, there are leaked photos thanks to a Twitter user that goes by the name “shortman82”.

Shortman82 has disclosed some interesting photos about the supposed Playstation 4 slim and that is the inclusion of the 5GHz WiFi band support.

First, he showed a picture of the connection status of the game console. There is a line there that says “Wi-Fi Frequency Band in Use”. Although in the picture, it was still set at 2.4GHz but then he went on to take another screenshot of what appears to be the game console’s official manual.

In the manual, there is a sentence there that states “only use 5GHz band wireless equipment indoors”. It also went on to say that it is best to use the 5GHz wireless band since the 2.4GHz frequency is saturated and is mostly used by other devices. This is to avoid any signal problems and so that you will have a seamless gaming experience.

Now, just a word of caution, although these features are promising, we are still not sure if these leaked photos actually pertain to the new Playstation 4 Slim. It is best that you take this information in with a grain of salt.

What is interesting, though, is that if the Playstation 4 Slim does have the ability to connect to the 5GHz WiFi band, it might be the more preferred game console over Microsoft’s own Xbox One S.

The good thing about this is that it has been reported that Sony is planning to make a big announcement this coming September 7 where they will hold a “Playstation Meeting”.

If they are going to reveal the Playstation 4 Slim and the Playstation Neo, then that would be great!

It is also interesting to know how “shortman82” has acquired his Playstation 4 Slim. It is possible that he got it from an online auction; the same medium where another person reportedly got his.

If the Playstation 4 Slim is really going to support 5GHz WiFI bands, you are going to see a marked improvement, especially if you’re going to play online games from the console.

Furthermore, your download speeds will become much faster if the game console is using the 5GHz frequency band because your connection will not be interrupted at any time.

The Playstation 4 Slim isn’t out yet so take this information with a grain of salt. Sony might unveil their upcoming game consoles in their Playstation Meeting that is going to happen on September 7.