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Already a lot has been said about these products in official website and other sources – we are here to give a short, plain, simple review in a common man’s words! Really, the genuine feature list can still be found below our review.

The first DSi card released for the R4 brand is R4i. It was mainly developed by R4 SDHC upgrade team for the Nintendo DSi but it is also backwards compatible with Ninteno DS and Nintendo DS Lite. The first R4i cards were working with Japanese DSi but after many updates it becomes well-matched with more version of console. The R4i SDHC team committed a mistake in developing card’s architecture for the first time around. Due to this reason, the first released R4i SDHC card did not function with the Nintendo DSi under 1.4 firmware. You need not to worry as NDS – Gear does not sell the first generation card. All R4i SDHC cards brought by NDS Gear function on the 1.4 Nintendo firmware (but not on the latest 1.4.1).

Contrary to the famous belief, the R4i SDHC card is not being produced by the group of people who had developed the original R4 SDHC card. The DS/DS Lite car that is seen on the official website is the R4v3 card which is not the original. However, this group developed the original R4i card. Bit mind boggling, but it has meaning! Feel free to email for clarification if needed.

The R4i carries many latest features like ability to recognize and display SD type, format and capacity, power saving features like sleeping mode, multi language setting, easy an simple operated interface, supports up to 32 GB of storage capacity with SDHC cards with increased performance even on a slower card, a capable R4i team commit itself to the kernel updates and website maintenance R4i- SDHC cards can be well matched to all NDS games, R4i supports cheatcode and softresetc setting on a per game basis avoiding probable disputes, the new UI cheatcode made to be simple to handle which ensures smooth gaming experience even for new users, the recent Moonshell 2.0 built on the card, R4i DS – SDHC gives an enhanced multimedia feel with higher decoding performance and better picture quality. The enhanced Manufacturing way of R4i – SDHC ensures a minimal error in shape and size. The card thickness and area of gold finger is precisely checked with error range of lees that 0.1 mm in comparison to an original NDS game car which helps in increasing the compatibility between R4i and Nintendo console.

The R4i can acquire upto 32GB Micro-SDHC cards, and can be well matched with the DS, DS Lite, and DSi consoles that re not went through the 1.4 firmware update or newer.


The R4i SDHC works with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, we also stock the R4 DS for the DS and DS lite and also we are to announce we now stock the new R4i SDHC 3DS for the Nintendo 3DS console, which has just been released. The R4i SDHC allows you to play both homebrew games on your DS and DS games. It also allows users to not only play games but to also playback files that they previously didn’t have access to on the Nintendo DS console, files such as photos, movies, music and even eBooks.

To operate the R4i SDHC you will need a memory card called a Micro SD or SDHC (for larger capacities) , this will allow you to transfer files from your PC to your R4i for future use on your console. We offer a wide range of memory cards bundled with the R4i SDHC. This allows you to not be relying on some internal memory but instead having the option to carry around whatever Micro SD you like or even more than one and swap them around as your needs ask. The R4i SDHC runs off the Micro SD card which can be attached to your PC via the USB and the included Micro SD memory card reader which we include so your R4i SDHC is ready to go when you receive it. It is slotted into your DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS console just like any other DS games into the slot 1 port.

Without the Micro SD memory card the R4i SDHC is useless as there will be nothing to store your files on, so it is vital that you get one if you wish to start gaming or listen to your favourite music on your DS. With a huge choice when it comes to memory cards from a mere 128mb all the way up to a 32GB Micro SDHC card you can find a card that suits your needs and most importantly your budget. With a large memory card you can download as many homebrew games as you wish or store as many files as you like, it’s good to decided before purchasing what you plan to use your R4i SDHC for exactly.

The user interface of the R4i SDHC is user friendly and allows you to easily operate it and get the most from DS console, setup only takes a few minutes and a few click and you’re ready to go and truly enhance your gaming experience. Over the years the R4i SDHC has developed into one of the most popular R4 devices and has been used worldwide by thousands of DS fans wishing to get the most from their console.

SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters have evolved because of new and emerging technologies every year. Before, signal boosters only amplify voice clarity GSM and EDGE protocols. But now, it can also support 4G and LTE data signals.

It is fascinating that mobile phone signal boosters have come so far. I mean, they not only boost 2G and 3G frequencies, but they can also now boost 4G and LTE. But, did you know that some mobile phone signal boosters today not only offer those services but can also be mounted either in your home or on your car

That’s right, some mobile phone signal boosters can now be mounted on both your car and in your home. So today, we are going to talk about one of the mobile phone signal boosters that can do just that, the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

To know more about the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster, here are its purported features:

  • Reduce operating costs and optimize business efficiency
  • Remotely maintain equipment and improve productivity
  • Access to data information for immediate decision-making
  • Connect in previous “no coverage” location
  • Greatly Improve data speeds
  • STEALTH TECH keeps the booster working for optimal gain and power levels
  • High signal sensitivity, less than -110dB enables signal acquisition in low signal areas
  • FCC approved for mobile and fixed applications
  • 3-year Warranty on Stealth Tech M2M Series Boosters

The SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster is one of the most promising signal boosters because, as mentioned previously, you can install this signal booster either in your home or on your car.

The actual signal amplifier on this signal booster is a little bit low on the gain, having only a maximum of 15dB, but it should be enough if you want to boost 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals.

The SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster also comes with all of the mounting equipment you will need in order to install this signal booster.

Speaking of mounting kits, here are the things you will get when you order the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster:

  • Signal Amplifier Base Unit (15dB gain)
  • Mini Magnetic Antenna (external antenna)
  • Power Supply (AC adapter for Home use; Cigarette Lighter for Cars)
  • Connection Cable (internal antenna)

A prominent feature of the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it has an adaptive gain. Basically, what this is, is that it automatically adjusts the settings for optimal performance.

This feature is absolutely amazing especially for people who do not know how to configure the signal booster manually.

Also, the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a small signal booster; taking up less space, making it very compact so that you can bring it to and from your car.

Should you install this on your car, this mobile phone signal booster also comes with a magnetic car roof mount which attaches and detaches with ease.

So, if you’re looking for a hybrid home and car mobile phone signal booster that does the job, the SmoothTalker M2M Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a perfect choice. This mobile phone signal booster only costs $280.